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AI: Bane or Boost for Marketers?

Cam BrownJanuary 22,2018

Morning enewsletters, TV, talk shows - interact in any setting and it is likely there is a conversation going on about artificial intelligence. AI. The next big thing. Some say it will be the greatest invention since sliced bread. Stephen Hawking says it will be our demise. As a marketer, I’m leaning mostly towards sliced bread. AI is not a futuristic vision. It is already completely embedded in our lives. Speech recognition software. Search. Siri. Alexa. And consider machine learning, and…
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8 Reasons to Consider Updating Your Logo

Erin LoonanDecember 21,2017

The ever-fearful word - “REBRANDING”. Owners and companies often shutter and shake. They are scared the brand recognition that they have built over years and years will disappear and that their customer base will no longer be there. We get it - your logo is the face of your business. You have every right to be afraid! I am here to tell you otherwise, and if your business is going through a challenging period or you’re looking to breathe fresh energy into your brand, a nice facelift…
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King Fish Media Snags Silver in Pearl Awards

King Fish MediaDecember 21,2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Cam Brown  978.832.1410 King Fish Media Snags Silver in Pearl Awards Prestigious Place in Content Solution Category  (December 21, 2017 Beverly, MA) King Fish Media has picked up a second place in the coveted Pearl Award for Best Overall Content Solution for their campaign for client Nuance Communications, “Reach Further with Nuance AI.” “We are honored to have been awarded the silver award,” said King Fish Media CEO Cam Brown.…
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Creatives = Risk Takers

Cam BrownNovember 17,2017

Sometimes, creatives get a bad rap. There’s this conventional wisdom that they are difficult or have fragile egos. They are called prima donnas, although rarely to their faces. They are lumped together as a “type” as in, “oh, you know, he’s a creative type”. Of course, these behaviors are worth putting up with to receive the products of those problematic minds. To those claims I call bullshit – creatives are in fact the soul of marketing. In reality, creatives…
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Top 16 Reasons to Work at a Small Agency

Cam BrownNovember 2,2017

King Fish launched in 2001. Intentionally, the goal was to stay small and manageable – for the sake of clients and employees. After 16 years, it’s clear we were correct to build an agency that met the criteria we set for ourselves. From within, our team believes there are key advantages to working at firms of our size. Here’s why. 
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We Are Financial Services Disruptors

Cam BrownOctober 19,2017

I read an article recently that really resonated with me, “Are Employers the Latest Financial Services Disruptors?” about how business owners and managers are focusing on financial wellness benefits for their employees. These kinds of benefits are more and more critical particularly in light of results of PricewaterhouseCooper's 2016 Employee Financial Wellness Survey, which showed that: -52 percent of workers overall are stressed about their finances. And the younger the worker,…
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Can an Agency Save a Brand From Itself? Yes, If We Follow Our Own Counsel

Cam BrownSeptember 29,2017

In recent weeks, two major financial services companies have made headlines with how badly they handled major screw-ups. Wells Fargo, whose sales scandal started a year ago, recently reported that the results of its expanded third-party review of its retail sales practices show the number of potentially fake customer accounts at 3.5 million--almost 1.5 million more than originally reported. And the huge data breach reported by Equifax nearly a month ago continues to shake out, with the perhaps…
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Natural Disasters: Where is the Line?

Cam BrownSeptember 15,2017

In recent weeks we have experienced Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, an earthquake in Mexico and deadly storms and flooding in India and West Africa. The images of destruction are powerful, and it is difficult for us not to be moved, or even overwhelmed at the pain of others. There is a fine line between appearing empathetic and appearing opportunistic. As a marketer, it’s my mission to look for opportunity. Certainly tragedies can give brands the opportunity to build goodwill and to strengthen…
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Guest Blog: In a Cloud world, does backup still matter?

Garrett BrownMay 4,2017

This guest blog was written by Garrett Brown, CEO of Mantra Computing.   If your business is in the Cloud, don’t let ignorance be bliss. You may regret it! I recently worked with a client, a law firm, on their Business Continuity plan. A Business Continuity plan is simply a document that spells out how a business will respond to different kinds of business interruptions including systems failures or catastrophic events. Like many businesses, they’ve been working to…
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Marketing Decision Making Requires End-Goal Focused Metrics

Sue TwomblyMarch 6,2017

You’re confident that all the elements of your marketing campaign are aligned: the target audience, the branded message, a compelling offer, the engaging creative, and the right multi-channel outreach plan.  Now that the campaign is in market, you are waiting anxiously for the weekly reports on measurement to understand how effective it is in driving results. But are you looking at the right metrics?  And, more importantly, how are you using that information? Getting to the heart…
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Brands Roll the Dice with Major Sponsorships

King Fish MediaMarch 1,2017

CMOs and their marketing teams are excited and determined to get their brands endorsed by celebrities or ads featured in high-profile media events including the Olympics, the Oscars, the Super Bowl and other major sports events across the NFL, NASCAR, PGA and more. Such event sponsorships offer premium visibility for brands such as Pepsi, Visa and Anheuser-Busch with large broadcast audiences who expect and appreciate brand sponsorship of their favored sports, arts or community events year over year.…
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George H.W. Bush and Ken Hartle: American Grit

Cam BrownFebruary 6,2017

Before there were safe zones and meditation rooms, a generation of patriots went where they were needed and served our country. They served out of a passionate sense of duty and expected nothing in return, facing unfathomable munitions in lands thousands of miles from home. Looking at President Bush 41 wheeled onto the field in Houston last night was a moment of reverie for many. He’s ailing, but as hard as it was for him to smile, his eyes acknowledged the respect this country felt for him.…
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Tom Brady Needs A Shaman?

Cam BrownFebruary 1,2017

After 30 years in Boston, I still can’t leave my rag-tag Philadelphia Eagles for the New England Patriots. Can’t do it. And I get it: comparing Tom Brady to Sam Bradford, Nick Foles, Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb is no comparison by stats or on paper. Tom’s great, definitely top 3 of all time, and masterful to watch drive his team in the 4th quarter. So why can’t I get on the New England band wagon? It’s columns like today’s Jason Gay column in the Wall Street…
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Ecommerce as the Ultimate Change Agent Makes the Complex Simple and the Simple Complex

Cam BrownJanuary 17,2017

Ten years ago, Jeffrey Kluger wrote a mind-stretching book entitled Simplexity. The concept behind the theory – that things that seem complicated can be astoundingly simple; things that seem simple can be dizzyingly complex – has become relatively mainstream, particularly among marketing types. Kluger frequently explores relationships between common and sometimes not so common entities, and delivers a thesis for each comparison that is often unexpected. A simple guppy is compared…
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King Fish Media Honored for Excellence in Digital Content Marketing for Education at the Industry’s Renowned Pearl Awards in New York City

King Fish MediaNovember 17,2016

Celebrated for Excellence, Innovation, and Effectiveness in Content Marketing New York, NY (November 17, 2016) — King Fish Media was honored by The Content Council for Education at the annual Pearl Awards for their work with Cengage Learning last night at Essex House in New York City. The prestigious Pearl Awards celebrate the best in content marketing from around the world. Winners were picked from nearly 400 entries from leading brands, publishers and agencies. Experts judged…
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King Fish Media Announces Website Launch For American Rhino

King Fish MediaAugust 23,2016

Beverly, MA – Apparel company American Rhino has launched its new website at www., digital and content management marketing agency King Fish Media announced Monday. American Rhino, founded in 2016, was created by the American Rhino Foundation, an active participant in on-the-ground conservation efforts to protect critically endangered and threatened African wildlife. A percentage of every American Rhino clothing item sold will go to the foundation. In turn, the foundation…
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King Fish Media Announces Website Launch for CoLucid Pharmaceuticals

King Fish MediaAugust 18,2016

BEVERLY, Mass., Aug. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- King Fish Media, a digital and content management marketing agency, announced today that it has launched a new website on behalf of its client, CoLucid Pharmaceuticals, Inc., (NASDAQ:   CLCD), at CoLucid is a Phase 3 clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing lasmiditan oral tablets for the acute treatment of migraine in adults. "CoLucid's objective is to provide key information to three core stakeholder…
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Geezeo Launches Partnership With King Fish Media To Offer Strategic Digital Content Solutions

King Fish MediaMay 16,2016

BRAINTREE, Mass., March 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Geezeo, a leading provider of on-line Personal Financial Management (PFM) solutions for more than 400 financial institutions, has announced a new partnership with King Fish Media, a digital and content management agency headquartered in Beverly, MA. "Between us, we've got remarkable core competencies," says Bryan Clagett, Geezeo Chief Marketing Officer. "Geezeo offers the technology platform and marketing experience…
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