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George H.W. Bush and Ken Hartle: American Grit

Cam BrownFebruary 6,2017

Before there were safe zones and meditation rooms, a generation of patriots went where they were needed and served our country. They served out of a passionate sense of duty and expected nothing in return, facing unfathomable munitions in lands thousands of miles from home. Looking at President Bush 41 wheeled onto the field in Houston last night was a moment of reverie for many. He’s ailing, but as hard as it was for him to smile, his eyes acknowledged the respect this country felt for him.…
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Tom Brady Needs A Shaman?

Cam BrownFebruary 1,2017

After 30 years in Boston, I still can’t leave my rag-tag Philadelphia Eagles for the New England Patriots. Can’t do it. And I get it: comparing Tom Brady to Sam Bradford, Nick Foles, Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb is no comparison by stats or on paper. Tom’s great, definitely top 3 of all time, and masterful to watch drive his team in the 4th quarter. So why can’t I get on the New England band wagon? It’s columns like today’s Jason Gay column in the Wall Street…
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Ecommerce as the Ultimate Change Agent Makes the Complex Simple and the Simple Complex

Cam BrownJanuary 17,2017

Ten years ago, Jeffrey Kluger wrote a mind-stretching book entitled Simplexity. The concept behind the theory – that has become relatively mainstream, particularly among marketing types. Kluger frequently explores relationships between common and sometimes not so common entities, and delivers a thesis for each comparison that is often unexpected. A simple guppy is compared to the majesty of a star – Kluger writes, “We’re suckers for scale…things that last…
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King Fish Media Honored for Excellence in Digital Content Marketing for Education at the Industry’s Renowned Pearl Awards in New York City

King Fish MediaNovember 17,2016

Celebrated for Excellence, Innovation, and Effectiveness in Content Marketing New York, NY (November 17, 2016) — King Fish Media was honored by The Content Council for Education at the annual Pearl Awards for their work with Cengage Learning last night at Essex House in New York City. The prestigious Pearl Awards celebrate the best in content marketing from around the world. Winners were picked from nearly 400 entries from leading brands, publishers and agencies. Experts judged…
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King Fish Media Announces Website Launch For American Rhino

King Fish MediaAugust 23,2016

Beverly, MA – Apparel company American Rhino has launched its new website at www., digital and content management marketing agency King Fish Media announced Monday. American Rhino, founded in 2016, was created by the American Rhino Foundation, an active participant in on-the-ground conservation efforts to protect critically endangered and threatened African wildlife. A percentage of every American Rhino clothing item sold will go to the foundation. In turn, the foundation…
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King Fish Media Announces Website Launch for CoLucid Pharmaceuticals

King Fish MediaAugust 18,2016

BEVERLY, Mass., Aug. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- King Fish Media, a digital and content management marketing agency, announced today that it has launched a new website on behalf of its client, CoLucid Pharmaceuticals, Inc., (NASDAQ:   CLCD), at CoLucid is a Phase 3 clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing lasmiditan oral tablets for the acute treatment of migraine in adults. "CoLucid's objective is to provide key information to three core stakeholder…
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Geezeo Launches Partnership With King Fish Media To Offer Strategic Digital Content Solutions

King Fish MediaMay 16,2016

BRAINTREE, Mass., March 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Geezeo, a leading provider of on-line Personal Financial Management (PFM) solutions for more than 400 financial institutions, has announced a new partnership with King Fish Media, a digital and content management agency headquartered in Beverly, MA. "Between us, we've got remarkable core competencies," says Bryan Clagett, Geezeo Chief Marketing Officer. "Geezeo offers the technology platform and marketing experience…
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Webcasting: More Than a Sales Tool

Sandi LinkApril 1,2016

When most people think of webcasts, they think of product sales pitches.  Virtual commercials that companies are using to sell and up-sell product.  And, they’re not wrong: many companies do focus their webcast productions on products and services with the ultimate goal of filling their sales pipeline.   But there is a world of opportunity beyond this approach.  Why not use webcasts as a tool for training?  Sharing new corporate information with your employees? …
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Like Spring, Trump Comes In Like A Lion, Leaves Like A Lamb

Cam BrownMarch 25,2016

Most Americans say Donald Trump shouldn’t be president. Democrats say he can’t be president. I say he doesn’t want to be president. The reason is simple: he can’t afford to lose and his brand will not suffer a loss. The businessman-turned-candidate is all about his brand. As of today, 7.15mm followers hang on every Tweet (, knowing the chances are good that Trump will attack or threaten another candidate. It’s dark entertainment, and some of the…
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Cigars, Sex and House of Cards

Cam BrownMarch 21,2015

Season 3 is here, and several episodes in (my wife and I are pacing ourselves) the plots, while a bit muddled, will doubtless come together as they have before. The First couple have risen, shown their fallibility, and risen again; the lying and deception is at epic levels, Doug is doing shots of bourbon with a syringe, Rachel remains MIA, and Gavin (who makes your skin crawl as Liam McPoyle in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) seems to hold the big cards. A new crop of powerful…
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Social Media Implications, Cultural Anthropology and Technology

King Fish MediaMarch 3,2015

When I think about implications I look through the lens of a media gal. That’s how I grew up in the business. Social media is a channel. Perhaps it’s a bigger microphone? I think it is tied to a lot of offline behavior as well as online experiences. Consider this: I wait for a reservation at a hot new restaurant. My friends and I all Facebook each other to coordinate plans for the dinner. We plan. Our friends “like” our status and comment saying to let them know how it was…
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King Fish Media Event: The New Rules of Marketing

King Fish MediaMay 14,2014

King Fish Media will be holding a complimentary marketing event on June 18th from 9-10am at the Cummings Center Conference Room (Suite 221-E) in Beverly, Mass. The New Rules of Marketing: How to grow your business The world of marketing has radically changed; we’ll explain how you can leverage changes in technology and consumer behavior to drive your sales. Specifically you will learn:   The top 5 trends driving the future of marketing you need to know How traditional marketing tactics…
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Why Baseball Needs Storytelling for Long Term Success

King Fish MediaMay 6,2014

Baseball is caught in an interesting paradox when it comes to the future.  In terms of revenue, it is thriving – a record $8 Billion in 2013 as new TV revenue from national and local partners kick off lucrative new contracts.  The league has also been a leading innovator in the digital realm – streaming video, social engagement and the recently enhanced At The Ballpark mobile app are all very smart extensions to serve the new media environment. The revised…
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The Real History of Social Media: Why it Matters

King Fish MediaApril 18,2014

Today's social juggernauts are reshaping how people interact with one another. So what are the implications for tomorrow? Let's take a glance back to better understand.   It may be difficult to recall now, but the social media revolution, like most great ideas, sprang from humble beginnings. Long before it was the creator of vast fortunes and media empires, it began as a simple idea: Technology and the internet could be used to bring people together. Over time, this idea has manifested…
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Gen X Picks Up Where Boomers Left Off

King Fish MediaApril 18,2014

2014 is a big milestone in American demographic history: The last of the Boomers will turn 50.  I’m proud to join Michelle Obama, Rob Lowe, Laura Linney, Sandra Bullock and Johnny Depp as we hit AARP eligibility.  I’m not putting myself in the celebrity category, although most of us 1964’ers do share a youthful appearance and attitude.  (Speaking of AARP, when the application came a few weeks ago, I laughed and tossed it into the recycling bin.  I get the…
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Content Strategy is the New SEO

King Fish MediaJanuary 31,2014

Two very good articles on emerging SEO strategy recently ran on iMedia Connection by Nathan Joynt (@nathanjoynt).  Check them out here and here.  The bottom line is that context and content are the key to search and inbound success. Today, it is less about keyword density and other tricks and more about creating high quality content that can’t be found anywhere else. Cheap, shallow content full of repeating keywords will not get it done.  While some…
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5 Companies Using Content to Become Thought Leaders

King Fish MediaJanuary 10,2014

Companies are ramping up their thought leadership efforts to rise to the top of consumer awareness. Here are some of the most successful content marketing brands out there today. As recently as five or six years ago, it was still common practice for companies -- especially those in the professional services sector -- to keep their expertise locked behind closed doors. And who could blame them? After all, knowledge is their bread and butter; it's not something they just put out into the world…
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Apple’s Christmas Ad: Why Storytelling Works

King Fish MediaDecember 23,2013

I spend a lot of time talking about storytelling and why it is a superior form of marketing to the traditional sales focused ads. You know the kind, ads from car companies and retailers telling you to buy often and buy now.  Storytelling goes hand in hand with content marketing as an approach to change perception, build trust and drive customers to action.  It does this by creating an emotional connection with the customer.  Storytelling works because it is how we are hard wired to…
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5 Major Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

King Fish MediaDecember 19,2013

Marketing, by its very nature, is in a constant state of change. As much as we try to control the unknown and plan ahead, the fact is that marketing is inherently a reactive practice. Being in front of the right audiences on the right channels with the right message is completely dependent on the current trends in consumer behavior, technology and even cultural movements. These variables keep the job interesting to say the least, and while nothing is certain in this world, I want to discuss five…
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2014 Marketing and Media Predictions and Outlook, Part 1

King Fish MediaDecember 18,2013

Part I: Predictions  Part II Larger trends for marketers  Everything is connected: 2014 will see a lot of buzz and progress in the connection of non-computer devices to the Internet.  Sometimes called the Internet of Things, driving this are improvements in underlying technologies (such as wireless networking, communications protocols, shrinking silicon chips, etc.) and falling costs, which allows more objects to become easily embedded with sensors, gaining the ability to…
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The Apple Lifestyle vs. The Samsung Device: Tale of the Tape

King Fish MediaJune 27,2013

The battle between Apple and Samsung is heating up for both smartphones and tablets.  Apple has a lot riding on the release of iOS7 and the new iPhones and iPads that will follow.  Samsung has a more varied product line and leads with the Galaxy 4.  Both product families are excellent and it often comes down to personal preference or your carrier.  The contrasts between their marketing/advertising approaches are as different as the phones.  It is a case study in how…
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How the Tablet Will Change Content Marketing

King Fish MediaJune 19,2013

You may have heard the news of Pew’s new research on tablet ownership in the U.S. and the results are eye opening.  33% of all adults own a tablet (defined as iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, or Kindle Fire)—almost twice as many as the 18% who owned a tablet a year ago.  And, up from zero three years ago when Apple’s introduced the disruptive iPad.  (Go here to download the report) The ownership numbers rise to 50% for key demographics such as: * Ages 35-44…
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The Future of Marketing: No Interruption Please

King Fish MediaJune 10,2013

Here is an HBR post on the future of marketing that quotes Gerd Leonard, billed as “one of the leading media-futurists in the world” by the Wall Street Journal.  You can see the full post here, but the first prediction is the one that is most important: “By 2020, most interruptive marketing will be gone. Instead, marketing will be personalized, customized, and adapted to what I have expressed as my wishes or opt-ins — which essentially means that advertising…
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The Secret of Converse: People are Media

King Fish MediaMay 2,2013

Recently I had the pleasure of hearing Converse’s CMO Geoff Cottrill speak at a Boston Ad Club event.  His approach to marketing is exactly where brands should be as content marketing evolves and we move into the social era.  Converse does some traditional advertising, but it is not central to their brand promise or customer engagement strategy.  Their approach dovetails nicely with this HBR blog post explaining how in the social age, media pipes are less important,…
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Content Marketing: Top Marketing Priority for 2013

King Fish MediaMarch 5,2013

While social media and mobile marketing often get the buzz three new studies have pointed to content marketing being the top priority for marketers in 2013.  There is now widespread and growing acceptance of the practice of brands creating original content to engage and inspire prospects and customers.  In the B2B space, the use of content to bring insight to customers while positioning company as a thought leader has topped enabling sales and generating demand according to one study. A…
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LinkedIn on Trial for Social Media Counterrevolutionary Activities

King Fish MediaFebruary 13,2013

Guest post from Michael Blumfield a member of the King Fish content team.  You can find his site here. Comrades: I stand before you today to present the case against LinkedIn for acts of deception, manipulation, and general ickiness that undermine its status in the vanguard of the marketing revolution. As you are well aware from countless stories in forward-looking publications such as Fast Company, Wired and Disney Kids Magazine, we are in the midst of a fundamental reordering…
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Why Subaru is Successful: Pt 1 - Find the Right Audience

King Fish MediaFebruary 8,2013

First of a two part post on why Subaru is finding sales success in the U.S.  Part one is by King Fish Content Strategy Team member Anna Goldsmith of the Hired Pens.  Part two next week by King Fish CMO Gordon Plutsky on their customer retention strategy.   They are both happy Subaru owners. "You Don't Have to Be Everything to Everyone. You Have to Be Something to Someone." By Anna Goldsmith   Further dispatches from the world of smart branding:…
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5 Quick Takes on Super Bowl Advertising

King Fish MediaFebruary 4,2013

1.    Storytelling Works – Long form ads from Jeep (with Oprah) and Dodge Ram (with Paul Harvey) really created an emotional connection by reaching deep into our collective consciousness highlighting veterans and farmers.   Similar long form stories also worked for Tide, Taco Bell and Mercedes-Benz.  Best Buy had the best celebrity tie in with a very funny Amy Poehler.  2.    Earned Media should be a goal for ROI– The previews and…
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How to Win the Long Game on Super Sunday

King Fish MediaJanuary 31,2013

Super Bowl Sunday is not only the day we crown the NFL champion, but the biggest day in marketing too.  CBS has sold out its inventory that fetched roughly $3.8 million for 30 seconds of airtime.  An expensive proposition even before you factor in production cost for the creative.  Is it worth it?  How can companies get the most bang for their huge investment?  ( put together a…
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Eight Rules for Creating Remarkable Content

King Fish MediaJanuary 25,2013

1.    Present a Unique Point of View - Are you providing insight and opinions that bring something new to the topic? Being remarkable can sometimes mean being controversial or taking a contrary stand, or at least having a strong opinion. There is plenty of bland content out there, so be thought provoking. Bringing real insight is a way to generate comments, stimulate conversation and encourage sharing. You want to drive an action, and being different is a good way to start. 2.  …
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2013 Marketing Outlook/Predictions: Content is the Thing

King Fish MediaDecember 19,2012

Every year I put together content marketing/digital marketing predictions for the coming year.  I have been trying to come up with something fresh and then it hit me that we may be past talking about how these tactics and platforms are the hot new thing.  They have arrived.   Digital platforms, including social and mobile have become the major force and channel for marketers.  Content marketing and storytelling have become the primary engine for a company’s customer…
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Apple to Build in the U.S., Can it Work for You?

King Fish MediaDecember 7,2012

Much buzz today about Apple’s decision to bring some Mac manufacturing and assembly back to the US from Asia.  A smart move from a company that likes to take the lead, but one that is likely rooted in PR and marketing more than manufacturing.  Details here from the WSJ. This will be a small test with little financial risk from an enormously wealthy company.  However, it could be the beginning of a positive trend with multiple payoffs.  Apple didn’t become the…
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Bards and Bordeauxs

King Fish MediaNovember 26,2012

Once upon a time, long long ago, there were only six-packs and kegs. Life was good, and choices were simple: bottles, cans or occasionally funnels. Not long afterward, the cocktail was introduced, ushering new tastes and interesting complexities to the tried-and-true beers of our youth. Back then, there was only moderate consideration given to brand loyalty, and certainly none to the story behind the brand.  I don’t remember when it happened, but somewhere along the way, I started to enjoy…
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Coke’s Content Strategy: Creating Emotional Connections

King Fish MediaNovember 15,2012

The concept of brands becoming publishers/media channels is not new, but Coke just took it to a new and exciting place.  They just re-launched their website, the first refresh since 2005, and turned their online presence into a consumer magazine called Journeys.  Specific details from the New York Times can be read here.  The key point is that Coca-Cola realizes they need a smarter approach to selling a commoditized product in a new media world.  Advertising…
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Simplify Your Marketing Messages

King Fish MediaOctober 26,2012

A few weeks ago my wife and I made a trip to Walden Pond to see where Henry David Thoreau wrote Walden. Published in 1854, it details Thoreau's experiences over the course of two years in a cabin he built near Concord, Mass.  One of his famous quotes should be a mantra for every marketer – Simplify.    Consumers are overloaded with marketing/brand messages on every platform, it is estimated we are hit with nearly 3000 messages a day.   As a result attention spans…
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50 Is No Longer 50: What It Means For Marketers

King Fish MediaOctober 24,2012

While many marketers are apt to lump all Boomers into one bucket, there is a large enough age variance in the demographic so that Boomers fall into two distinct groups. There’s the older Boomer, who is marching into retirement, and there’s the Boomer at the younger end of the generation, who’s now hitting his or her peak buying power. Younger Boomers (roughly ages 48-58) really don’t have as much in common with the older portion of the cohort as commonly believed. While…
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Big Surprise: When Customer Service or Sales Go Rogue, You Lose Customers

King Fish MediaOctober 18,2012

I recently experienced two epic customer service fails. Like many things in life, we can all learn a lot when things go awry—that is, if we pay attention. Epic Fail #1: After a three-hour drive to a New England timeshare property, we were greeted awkwardly by a woman behind the check-in desk. She tried to engage us in conversation: “What do you do for work, Mr. Campbell?,” she asked my husband. “I work for PBS.” She immediately went on a tangent about how she doesn’t…
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Using Content to Nurture Leads Between Prospect and Sale

King Fish MediaOctober 12,2012

Of late, marketers have mastered using white papers, eBooks, webinars and other free content to pull prospects into lead management funnels and keep sales teams busy for months. This is in contrast to a time not too long ago, when marketers' toughest challenge was generating qualified leads. But the increase in prospects brought the challenge of lead conversion. And in some cases the marketing department—and not the sales staff—is better suited to meet this challenge. Salespeople…
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Telling the Stoneyfield Farm Story

King Fish MediaOctober 3,2012

Last week I enjoyed hearing from Erik Drake, EVP of Stoneyfield Farm Yogurt who was a guest speaker at the Ad Club’s CMO Breakfast series.  Stoneyfield is the leader in organic yogurt in addition to being a leader in the new model for consumer packaged goods customer engagement.  They have chosen to move beyond the traditional model of one-way ads based on features and benefits to a true content-based customer outreach model.  For their business it makes perfect sense for…
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Marketing Technology: What it means for your career

King Fish MediaSeptember 24,2012

Recently I came across some data that illustrates a trend for marketers – the convergence of technology and marketing.  Gartner found that 72% of companies have the equivalent of a Chief Marketing Technologist and 87% will within the next two years.  Granted, this is among tech companies who are more inclined to invest in tech, but the trend is clear.   You may recall that Gartner predicted that by 2017 CMOs would spend more on IT than CIO’s Read more about it here…
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Advice for Back to School Marketers: Keep it simple

King Fish MediaAugust 24,2012

As summer comes to a close I can't help but wonder if some marketers should go back to marketing class.  My kids still have a lot to learn and based upon my recent shopping endeavors, many marketers do too.  Customers are looking for decision simplicity, good customer service and deals.   The National Retail Federation projects that parents of children in grades K-12 will spend nearly $689 on their children's back-to-school needs, almost $85 more than last year.  I have…
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NBC’s Olympic Coverage: A peak into the future

King Fish MediaJuly 30,2012

After a few days of action we are getting a glimpse into the future of broadcast TV with NBC’s somewhat brave “experiment” in real time.  NBC’s challenge was strike a balance between the way people consume information in 2012 with the need to make back their more than $1billion investment in the games.  The network has to satisfy all the audience segments and stakeholders at the same time.  The audience ranges from super savvy social media savants to grandma…
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Storytelling in Action: Proven to Work

King Fish MediaJune 20,2012

As content marketers we spend a lot of time thinking about storytelling techniques to enhance sales results for clients.  Stories are critical to making content-based programs work by engaging customers at a primal and sensory level.   We are wired to learn from stories – it is how we learn as children and how we process information.  When reading and watching fiction we put ourselves in the role of the protagonist and imagine about how we would resolve conflict.  Think…
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Facebook’s IPO Stumble: Maybe Not So Bad

King Fish MediaJune 6,2012

After years of hype and build up, the Facebook IPO is off to a lackluster start.  The initial price was bumped up to $38 (because of demand) and it hit $45 at during that first trading period and is now settled in the mid-20 (26 as of 6/6).  In an odd way this is good for marketers and consumers (other than the ones who bought the stock over $40, of course.)  To explain my point let’s take a step back to the late 90’s ebusiness/e-everything boom and the inflated stock market…
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Advice for Reebok: Tell Us a Story

King Fish MediaMay 30,2012

I just spent an exhilarating day at the Northeast Regionals of the Reebok CrossFit Games.  The Regionals are a step in the process of naming the “Fittest Man and Woman on Earth”.  They’re also part of a smart marketing initiative by Reebok to position themselves as a leader in “The Sport of Fitness”—a phrase they are now using as a tag line in their marketing.  This new initiative seems an obvious return to Reebok’s fitness roots—not…
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Mom Was Right, Showing is Better than Telling

King Fish MediaMay 29,2012

Gilad de Vries of wrote a great piece for last week.  He states, "there is only one true branding mechanism online and that's content marketing." And he's right. Everyone wants to talk about their content marketing strategy and for good reason: the conversation has changed from interruptive to permission based, and savvy marketers understand the change. You can't woo customers based exclusively on price and features - they are as savvy…
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Mobile Site or Native App: What’s a Marketer to do?

King Fish MediaApril 5,2012

The trend of people consuming content and interacting on mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets) is undeniable and some have called it the beginning of the post-PC era.  Content producers and marketers are faced with integrating a mobile strategy into their customer engagement plans – and quickly.  The question many companies are wrestling with is do we develop a native app for iOS and Android or do we create a mobile website or both.  The answer is not cut and dried and like…
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Why the Boston Bruins Became a Media Brand

King Fish MediaMarch 28,2012

Professional sports teams have been an enthusiastic user of new media and social channels, but the Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins have just taken that up a notch by integrating all of their media channels and content into an integrated program with an analytics package behind it.    From the Boston Globe:  “The Boston Bruins are launching an ambitious effort Monday to bundle all of their digital, mobile, and social online assets under one umbrella brand, so the team and its…
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Don Draper: Content Marketer

King Fish MediaMarch 20,2012

Mad Men returns this week for a fifth season after a 17-month hiatus.  Like many marketers I love watching Don Draper in action on the job.   On the surface the type of broad based advertising he produces seems very old school – the kind of stuff that filled magazines and TV shows.  If you look a little deeper, you see Don instinctively understands what makes content marketing successful.  His work always contains elements of storytelling to build an emotional connection…
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Pinterest: Interest Drives Action

King Fish MediaFebruary 3,2012

Everyone is talking about social sharing site Pinterest – The New New Thing.  It is a very fast growing site with over 11 million visits in December, a 40X increase in six months. You get the feeling it’s starting to hit critical mass and will go mainstream and big time in 2012. The demos of the site skew heavily to women 25-54 and have a higher concentration in the Midwest, where the site has roots.  Pinterest is a layer on top of the existing web and social graph as it links…
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10 Marketing Lessons from Steve Jobs

King Fish MediaJanuary 4,2012

I recently finished the Steve Jobs biography and have had some time to reflect on what marketers can learn from his time at Apple.  He took over a company on the verge of irrelevance and built it into the most valuable brand in the world according to a recent study.  Here are some key lessons from his time as CEO:   1. Don’t set up artificial divisions and multiple P&Ls because it creates walls and competing agendas.  Apple smoked Sony in the music business…
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12 Marketing/Media Predictions for 2012

King Fish MediaDecember 21,2011

Here is our annual take on the year ahead: Mobile (Smartphone and Tablets) will become main stream and the primary way many consumers interact with brands.  Morgan Stanley is projecting that Apple will sell 190 million iPhones and 81 million iPads in 2012.  Companies must have a specific mobile strategy with content optimized for the format and integrated with your broader marketing initiatives.  Mobile can no longer be treated as an isolated channel or a “nice to have”;…
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How Grocers Can Change the Conversation With Customers

King Fish MediaDecember 15,2011

A brand-new Wegmans Food Market supermarket opened up in Northborough, Mass., in October and the Northeast regional grocer has plans to open six or seven more across New England. Whole Foods Market, another high-end grocer, has a strong and growing presence, as do local CSAs. What’s their secret to success?   High-end grocers like Wegmans and Whole Foods have created strong relationships with customers by turning shopping into an experience for customers, while also offering those customers…
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What Siri Means For The Mobile Marketplace

King Fish MediaDecember 5,2011

The new Apple 4GS iPhone is one of the fastest-selling devices of all time—they’re simply flying off the shelves at Apple Stores and other retailers. While it doesn’t look much different than the iPhone 4, the new iPhone has some significant differences that may make it a game changer for Boomers and the marketers who love them. According to the Pew Research Center, 35% of American adults own a smartphone, but the ages are not distributed evenly. Over half (52%) of Americans between…
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Daily Deals: Four Ways To Improve The Experience For Moms

King Fish MediaNovember 29,2011

I’m a big shopper—the type most marketers would like to count among their market share because not only am I buying, I’m influencing others along the way. I shop often, which makes me to go-to source among my friends for recommendations on everything from kids’ stuff to vacation and ideas, restaurants to handbags, and so on. Knowing that my mom friends are looking for these types of recommendations, it’s obvious to me that there’s quite a bit of opportunity for…
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Want to Improve Your Word Skills? Memorize These Numbers.

King Fish MediaNovember 1,2011

Guest Post from Anna Goldsmith of the King Fish Media Content Strategy Team.  Follow Anna's blog at   I'm about as far as you can get from being a "numbers person," but as a professional copywriter, here are a few I live by. And if you’ve ever needed to write any marketing collateral — or even a decent sentence — you’ll commit them to heart. Trust me: They’re way easier to remember than a quadratic…
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Great Content Marketing Advice

King Fish MediaOctober 25,2011

A new content marketing site named Content Strategy Hub has recently launched and kicked off with a great series.  They asked nearly 30 experts to share their thoughts on three specific questions related to content marketing.  I was lucky to be included with such people as David Meerman Scott, Joe Pulizzi, Robert Rose and Ann Handley among others.  Below is a recap of my responses to these questions – click the links to see what the experts had to say.  The site is the creation…
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Facebook’s Big Changes: Implications for Marketers

King Fish MediaSeptember 26,2011

Last week, Facebook unveiled some major changes that will have far reaching implications for users and marketers.  The following is our point of view for companies using Facebook to engage customers and prospects. Users have already noticed changes to Facebook such as the running stream of posts in the right column called the ticker and a new ranking of top stories and recent stories.  Also, users can now “subscribe” to aspects of friends’ feeds or to people who are not…
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Just Say It (Part 2) What Makes a Good Marketer

King Fish MediaSeptember 25,2011

Like Rudy Giuliani, I make an effort to be direct and to the point. It saves time and I think you should let colleagues know where you stand. I know it sometimes makes people uncomfortable, but I believe in being up front and honest rather than hiding behind niceties and not speaking my mind. It certainly cuts down on miscommunication. I prefer working with people who are direct, and it is a personality trait of a good marketer. Being able to express yourself clearly and persuasively is what marketing…
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Content Marketing World: 8 Observations & Random Thoughts

King Fish MediaSeptember 13,2011

Last week we attended the first ever Content Marketing World (CMW), and it was a rousing success with 631 attendees and many sponsors. Don’t fear if you missed it, King Fish Media is partnering with CMW to provide an on-demand video version complete with synced presentation slides of the conference to be avaliable in October – more about that when it launches. Here is a round up of observations and random thoughts from my three days in C-Town  (a.k.a. Cleveland for those in the know).…
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Don’t Kill the Job? Fine. Then Finish the *%#! Job

King Fish MediaAugust 26,2011

Editor’s note: King Fish and Bridge Street, roughly 1.5 miles of road, are located in Salem, MA. Locals and commuters know that Bridge Street has been under construction twice in the last 5 years or so. It’s just crazy, so I offer my observations on the construction in the form of a note to our Mayor.  Dear Salem Mayor:  While driving to work this morning down Bridge Street, I was motivated to research the durations of some of the great engineering marvels of this Country. Two…
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How Steve Jobs Created Modern Marketing

King Fish MediaAugust 25,2011

It is hard to image Apple without Steve Jobs at the helm, but unfortunately he will be not there to change the world one more time.  Thinking specifically about our slice of the world, he had enormous impact on the world of marketing.   A case could be made that without his vision, marketers would still be in the dark ages of mass marketing with a reliance on TV and print adverting.  In fact, Steve Jobs has been the modern marketer’s best friend for several reasons: …
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How to Choose a Marketing Agency: Download the eBook

King Fish MediaAugust 23,2011

Customers have changed, marketing channels have changed, and so have the marketing agencies that serve brand marketers. Digital agencies dot the landscape with a broad selection of services, from search engine marketing to social media to content marketing.  These niche agencies complement – and often compete with – much larger, do-it-all advertising agencies that are aggressively adding new marketing services expertise to their traditional creative and media offerings.  The…
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The New Pace of Content Consumption

King Fish MediaAugust 19,2011

This month marked the return of pro football – the preseason variety.  As I checked out a few games, I was reminded what a great product it is as content – continuous short burst of action.  And the stark contrast is makes to baseball - a slower game, played without a clock at a somewhat leisurely pace.  I used to watch a lot of baseball, but now, find it unthinkable to sit through 3:20 of mostly watching people stand around.  Baseball is a bad match for today’s…
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How Financial Marketers Can Reach Boomers

King Fish MediaJune 21,2011

Today's younger Boomer generation (45-55 year olds) is settling into leadership positions across industries, from politics to business, popular culture to entertainment. Members of this cohort include President and Mrs. Obama, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and entertainers like George Clooney and Bono. While those particular young boomers may not need to worry about their financial heath, the rest of us are concerned. Very concerned. A cursory survey of these younger…
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King Fish “Kings of Content” Mobile App Now Avaliable

King Fish MediaJune 9,2011

We are pleased to announce that our Kings of Content iPhone/iPad App is now avaliable for download from the Apple App store.  King Fish Media as joined the ranks of Apple iOS developers and we offer full mobile marketing capabilities.  An Android version of the App will be avaliable shortly. Click here to read the press release.  Our App is built around our weekly podcast - The Kings of Content. In each episode Cam Brown and I spend 5-7 minutes discussing…
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Generating Real Results with Facebook Advertising

King Fish MediaMay 25,2011

Facebook is commanding a bigger and bigger piece of the advertising budget pie, thanks to the measurable results it provides marketers in terms of new fans and website conversions.  While Facebook’s auction-based bid and cost per click pricing structures are similar to Google’s, it’s much more valuable to marketers for a few key reasons—namely, interest-based targeting, immediate gratification opportunities, and the potential for viral activity.   Interest-based…
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Free Webinar: How Companies Adopt and Measure Mobile Marketing

King Fish MediaMay 3,2011

Join Gordon Plutsky of King Fish Media and Kipp Bodnar of HubSpot as we reveal new research conducted by King Fish Media on mobile marketing.  This will be our third major study (previous – Social Media and Content Marketing) conducted among marketers to understand how they are implementing and measuring mobile marketing for their companies.  Learn what fellow marketers are planning with their mobile strategy.  The Webinar is Tuesday May 17th at 2pm ET …
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Time to Rethink the Loyalty Program?

King Fish MediaApril 28,2011

The first successful frequent flyer program came with the launch of American Airlines AAdvantage program in 1981.  The idea was so simple yet so ingenious:  to reward frequent customers for their loyalty.  Passengers were supposed to receive special reduced fares in addition to their accrued miles which could be used as currency.  It was the S&H green-stamps of the 80’s.  And when it began it was meaningful.  Levels were attainable and rewards were high value. …
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Iconic American Brand Gets Style With Storytelling

King Fish MediaApril 27,2011

L.L.Bean launched their Signature brand with its Summer 2011 catalog. Gone are page after pages of product lay downs with infinite color choices. No Labradors and no ducks. What are there are 48-pages of mostly environmental shots that convey little of Beans’ heritage of frumpy peasant dresses and baggy khakis. This is contemporary style for 2011, and it works. Why? They are telling a story clearly, with heads that tantalize (“The Boyfriend Jean”) and that acknowledge an evolution…
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What Great Website Writers and Great Conversationalists Have in Common

King Fish MediaApril 21,2011

Guest post by Anna Goldsmith of the King Fish Content Strategy Team   Want to be a great Web writer? Work on your conversation skills. Here, I'll show you …   Tip #1: Who are you talking to, anyway?  Imagine having a conversation with a stranger while blindfolded. Are you talking to a teenage girl, young mother or single businesswoman? How can you possibly know what to say if you don't know who you're talking to? But so many of us start writing our website copy…
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CMOs Turn to Content Marketing for Increased ROI

King Fish MediaApril 7,2011

As we begin the 2nd quarter of 2011, those of us in strategic marketing are armed with yet more data that confirms CMO’s across industries are planning for a world where they control the message and the medium. New research from Roper GFK and presented by the Custom Content Council highlights this with a powerful summary point: 59% of CMOs will shift ad dollars to custom content.  Why?  85% believe it will make customers more likely to buy from their company again.  For full…
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Fashion Icons Own Their Media Channel

King Fish MediaApril 5,2011

The fashion business is one that still does a lot of print advertising.  Many readers do buy fashion mags to look at the ads as much as the articles so it makes some sense.   I suspect it will not change anytime soon, but two iconic brands have recently launched very good content marketing efforts to supplement their advertising efforts. Kate Spade’s recently re-launched site presents visitors with a choice to Shop or Play. If you choose to play you go to a well designed…
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Financial Marketers: Get In Touch With Your Feminine Side

King Fish MediaMarch 30,2011

As boomers continue their march toward retirement, the frequency with which they think about their various investments should be increasing steadily—especially if they’re women…  It’s not that women are any less fiscally responsible than men (in fact, many may argue that it’s quite the opposite), or that women lack an “investment gene” necessary to achieving financial success; it’s a little bit less complicated than that. The simple reality is…
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The Boomer Athlete: Ready For Action And Ready To Buy

King Fish MediaMarch 28,2011

Next month, I'm joining several hundred fellow Boomers who are trying to qualify for the Reebok Crossfit games as a Master (45+). Crossfit, a mix of functional fitness, kettle bells, rowing, running, Olympic lifting, and gymnastics, is a strength and conditioning system built on constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. It is not for the faint of heart or spirit and not the type of sport activity you would associate with men and women over 45. But, the Masters division…
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Twitter: Four Reasons to be a Follower

King Fish MediaMarch 23,2011

Twitter just turned five years old and is being used by an estimated 21 million US adults, climbing to 28 million by 2013 according to eMarketer.  Twitter will never have the wide spread penetration of Facebook or LinkedIn, but does reach an affluent and influential audience.  Many people ask me why they should be on Twitter and what the benefit is to them.  There is perception it is a bunch of narcissists telling each other what they had for lunch; or an echo chamber where so-called…
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Facebook Comments – Does it make sense for your site?

King Fish MediaMarch 18,2011

Facebook has introduced their comments plug in for content websites to use in place of their current comment section. The benefit for sites are clear as readers can use their FB login to comment on a site without having to set up and administer a password and verification system. And when someone leaves a comment it appears on that person’s newsfeed for their friends to see = viral! One of the anticipated outcomes for sites that integrate Facebook comments is a reduction in the number of nasty…
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QR Codes: How do they fit in your marketing mix?

King Fish MediaMarch 15,2011

QR (quick response) codes have an opportunity to be one the new “hot things” in marketing.  They have been used in Japan for years, but now making inroads here in the US.  They are popping up everywhere from retail stores to print ads.    QR codes are worth trying and look promising for location based marketing programs where a simple Smartphone scan can be tied into a mobile platform such as Facebook Places.  Specials and deals can be unlocked; or it could be…
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Tweet This, Not That: Five Tips for Writing Effective Tweets

King Fish MediaMarch 9,2011

You've got 140 characters. Sure, you could use them to tell your followers what you had for breakfast, but you probably know better than that. And if you're using Twitter to generate new business and strengthen old relationships (you know you should be, right?), the pressure to say something smart, savvy and, dare-to-dream, "retweet-worthy" can be pretty daunting. Here are five tips to use those 140 characters wisely.  1) Be provocative.  No, I'm not talking sexy provocative…
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Five Easy Steps to Editing Your Own Work

King Fish MediaMarch 2,2011

In a perfect world, you’d never have to edit your own work, but well, you know the drill. The world’s not perfect, life’s not fair, yada yada. So spend a little time now or a lot of time later trying to convince your boss to let you keep your job as a “pubic relations director.” Step One: Just walk away, Renée (or Kevin or Amy). We all know that when we’re too close to things, we don’t see them clearly. This can be good for relationships, but hazardous…
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Are Customers Immune to your Email?

King Fish MediaFebruary 24,2011

There’s been a lot of buzz about the newly released comScore study, which reveals that overall email usage is down 8%. In particular, it has decreased 59% among teens, 18% among 25-34 year olds, and 10% among the 35-54 set. Media consumption is moving, especially among the youth demographic.  On the surface, the reasons seem obvious: Media consumption is moving (and clearly has already moved) to social media and mobile/text platforms, especially among the youth demographics. I’ve…
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How to Work a Room in Five Easy Steps

King Fish MediaFebruary 23,2011

Guest post from Anna Goldsmith, a member of the King Fish Content Strategy Team. Whether success for you means leaving a networking event with several new business contacts — or just leaving with your dignity intact — here are a few basic steps to get you started. And while these steps are geared toward networking, feel free to use them at any awkward social gathering. Step One: Show up late. If you equate “networking event” with “business meeting,” you’re…
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Who really won on Super Sunday?

King Fish MediaFebruary 8,2011

If you are reading this blog, there is a good chance you spent the Super Bowl watching the ongoing social media commentary about the ads.  Even though I am a huge football fan I had one eye on my twitter feed as thousands of us added our witty remarks about the ads (and less than stellar halftime show).  There was an effort from some Boston based agencies to roll it all up into the Brand Bowl as they tracked hash tags and comments.  The exercise was fun, but what did it really accomplish…
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2011: The Year of the Customer

King Fish MediaFebruary 1,2011

Great news from a new Forrester report that covers an overdue trend: companies a naming Chief Customer Officer (CCO) or another similar title. Customer relationships are one of the most important assets a business owns so it is time that companies started taking them more seriously than the usual lip service you see in bland mission statements. The intersection of new media and the recent recession has given customers more power than they have ever had. Online retail has given us the ability to price…
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Who’s doing the Shopping? Not Always Mom

King Fish MediaJanuary 27,2011

Recently I came across a few articles describing the shift in gender specific shopping responsibilities.  It appears that the once “all female” domain of the grocery store is changing.  The shifting social and economic tides have brought a wave of change and more men are squeezing the Charmin and cantaloupes than ever before. This is not surprising, women have been infiltrating traditional men’s clubs since my mom was a blossoming women’s libber –…
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A Social Media Strategy is Not Enough

King Fish MediaJanuary 20,2011

As 2011 gets underway marketers are abuzz about their social media strategy.  It seems that everyone from your local diner to the Fortune 1000 is figuring out how they can leverage and drive sales ROI from the myriad of social and mobile platforms and technologies avaliable.  I am often surprised how many companies talk about their social media strategy in terms of apps and technology and forget the most important aspect of the overall plan--content.    Content, and the conversations…
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2011 Media and Marketing Predictions

King Fish MediaDecember 14,2010

Developing content applications for the iPad and other tablets will become a critical discipline to master. The unique properties make it ideal for content distribution and creating action drivers for both online and offline retailers. More publishers will create content to be served locally via geolocation technology. It is last chance to get paid for online content for most publishers not named the Wall Street Journal   The “experimental phase” of social media will come to an end…
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Lead Generation: Are you following through?

King Fish MediaDecember 1,2010

Get a bunch of B2B marketers together and ask them what keeps them up at night and you’ll hear some variation of “lead generation” or “demand generation.”  Much of this is driven by the needs of their sales team and is often at the heart of sales and marketing conflicts.  Like the characters in the classic salesman movie Glengarry Glen Ross, sales people are always looking for the good leads, the fresh leads.  The next big sale is right around the…
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Damn it my daughter is on Facebook!

King Fish MediaNovember 9,2010

I could not help but chuckle when SNL did the “My Mom is on Facebook” skit.  Glad my daughter wasn’t watching it with me, although given the topic relevance to her contemporaries, I am guessing she has seen it on Hulu.   <iframe width="512" height="288" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>…
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My Social Kid Project Part 3: Up and Running

King Fish MediaOctober 12,2010

A colleague of mine, (let’s call her Mom X) is an experienced media/marketing pro living the suburbs of a U.S. city.  She is embarking on a project/experiment to let her Jr. High age daughter wade into the social media world via Face book.  This opens up many questions and concerns that parents all over the world are now facing.  We are going to follow their progress to give insight to other parents and marketers who want to reach the lucrative youth market.  Click here to…
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Operation Safe Social Kid: Day 1 - Set Up and Rules

King Fish MediaSeptember 27,2010

Day 1 – Set Up and Rules My daughter and I sat down last evening to set up her Face Book page. Our conversation/project kicked off with the review of some important rules: 1.    No friending any one ever that you don’t absolutely know. I   mean really know, not just random friends of friends. 2.    No unfriending me. If AOL Safe Social works the way it says it does, then she won’t be able to “unfriend” me but just in case, I wanted…
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My Social Kid Project - First In a Series

King Fish MediaSeptember 17,2010

A colleague of mine, (let’s call her Mom X) is an experienced media/marketing pro living the suburbs of a U.S. city.  She is embarking on a project/experiment to let her Jr. High age daughter wade into the social media world via Face book.  This opens up many questions and concerns that parents all over the world are now facing.  We are going to follow their progress to give insight to other parents and marketers who want to reach the lucrative youth market. She does not want…
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“We’re Going Mobile”: The New Mobility and the Challenge to Internal Communications

King Fish MediaAugust 30,2010

Guest post by Will Trout, BBVA Compass Bank The convergence of two powerful communications trends—the rise of social media and the emergence of the mobile Internet—is undermining the dominance of the corporate Intranet, long the backbone of most Internal Communications platforms.  The corporate Intranet—a closed and monitored environment designed for the sharing of tools and information—has been showing its years for some time. As a platform, it allows limited space for…
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When It Comes To ROI, Don’t Be A Mad Man

King Fish MediaJuly 14,2010

This is an article I wrote that first appeared in Direct Magazine At the end of July, the AMC show Mad Men returns to television for its fourth season. The world of media and marketing has changed since the early 1960s advertising heyday. Aside from the obvious cultural changes (drinking, smoking and sexually harassing women in the office were completely acceptable, along with being racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic), the biggest difference is the introduction of an essential measurement that clients…
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Social Media and Online Sales: Closing the Loop

King Fish MediaJune 7,2010

The next wave of social media apps may be ecommerce enabled as described in this WSJ article.  Companies such as Brooks Brothers have added an app that allows fans and customers to buy from them directly from the fan page without leaving Facebook. It is not the same rich buying experience you find on the web site, but it’s not bad and very functional.   The FB app is great way to capture an impulse buy while a customer is within the fan page environment. …
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Use Sex as a Weapon, But Not in Your Subject Lines

King Fish MediaMay 26,2010

Just because your email makes it into your client's inbox doesn't mean it'll get opened. In fact, chances are it won't. I know what you're thinking: "But Anna, I wrote a seriously amazing email with a seriously amazing offer I know they'll want. There's no way they're going to delete it!" Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but "Way." Unfortunately, even if you can get past the powerful spam filters, there's an even more powerful force at…
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Taglines: The Good, the Bad and the Totally Offensive

King Fish MediaMay 20,2010

Yesterday I had a last-minute tagline project for Microsoft. They needed a tagline that convinced graduates from elite colleges to come work for them instead of, well, who do you think? Google or Apple. Tough competition. And as just about everyone knows, Microsoft has a bit of an image problem. People see them as stuffed shirts — especially the college kids they're targeting. It was a tight turnaround. Like five-hours tight. So I didn't have time to wait for inspiration to strike.…
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Newsweek: Buy a dead magazine, cheap

King Fish MediaMay 6,2010

The Washington Post Company has put Newsweek up for sale after losing nearly $30 million in 09 and $15 million in 08.  It is similar to the demise of once powerful Business Week.  Someone will likely buy it on the cheap for the name, web site and database.  Almost exactly a year ago I wrote about their plans to revive the brand and I predicted a somewhat quick demise – as did just about every other media watcher.  It reminds me of NBC’s decision…
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Customer Service as Part of the Marketing Plan: Why it Matters Part 2

King Fish MediaApril 26,2010

In Part 1 I looked some bad customer experiences.  Here are some companies who understand how they can fulfill their brand promise through customer service. Every week I drive through two towns and past ten supermarkets to get to Whole Foods.  Not only is the food better and healthier, but the service is impeccable. From the guys behind the meat counter to the friendly cashiers, customers are always treated with respect and professionalism.  I look forward to my trips there…
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Customer Service as Part of the Marketing Plan: Why it Matters

King Fish MediaApril 22,2010

Customer service is one of the most important elements of your brand promise. It is where you and the customer come face to face.  All your slick web sites, social media programs and ad schedules can be undone by bad customer service.  Companies such as Zappos (a King Fish client) have made great service their differentiator and even built an ad campaign around it.  I’ve had some recent experiences that illustrate how front line customer service can have a bottom line effect.…
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