8 Reasons to Consider Updating Your Logo

The ever-fearful word - “REBRANDING”. Owners and companies often shutter and shake. They are scared the brand recognition that they have built over years and years will disappear and that their customer base will no longer be there. We get it - your logo is the face of your business. You have every right to be afraid! I am here to tell you otherwise, and if your business is going through a challenging period or you’re looking to breathe fresh energy into your brand, a nice facelift may be just what you need.

1. Build Awareness: Instead of worrying about losing or confusing your following, utilize this update as a major marketing opportunity to create further awareness around your brand.

2. Brand Evolution: Your brand is constantly changing and evolving. You may not be the same brand that you once were and that is okay! Your brand should always accurately reflect who you are, what you do, or what you sell. This will help create a sense of trust and instant recognition with your consumers.

3. You Look Old-School as F*ck: Don’t get me wrong - vintage is totally in, but there is a big difference between vintage and just plain ol’ old. Don’t get stuck in the past. This could be the difference between someone choosing between you and a more modern, updated competitor.

4. First Impressions: People are superficial. They make an instant judgement call based on the way you look before ever knowing you. The same goes for your brand. You want people to see you in your Louis Vuitton’s and Prada - not the sweatpants you’ve worn for 12 weeks straight with pizza stains on them.

5. “You Can’t Sit with Us”: You’ve clearly been exiled to the back of the social media lunch room. 1.96 billion people in the world use social media today and if you don’t have a brand that works effectively on social media, then Houston, you have a bigger problem than the amount of people walking around with their faces in their phones.

6. Multi-Channels: Your logo is kayaking down a river and needs to decide which fork to take. Well your brand needs to take every fork. At the same time. Over the past decade, the amount of channels a brand needs to touch has increased dramatically. You have to make sure it works from digital to print to promotional to social to commercial.

7. I’m Too Busy: If your logo design is visually too busy, you might as well literally say, “I’m too busy for you.” The complexity might actually start turning away your consumers. Saying a lot with a little actually goes a long way. Take a look at brands like Target, Coca-Cola, or FedEx.

8. Stand Out from the Crowd: A lot of times, companies within certain industries all look like identical twins. You don’t want to get lumped in with the rest of the crowd. Don’t be afraid to stand out. Good research, design, and strategy can help you be that one wine bottle with the killer design that is crying everyone’s name from the shelf.

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