Cigars, Sex and House of Cards

Season 3 is here, and several episodes in (my wife and I are pacing ourselves) the plots, while a bit muddled, will doubtless come together as they have before. The First couple have risen, shown their fallibility, and risen again; the lying and deception is at epic levels, Doug is doing shots of bourbon with a syringe, Rachel remains MIA, and Gavin (who makes your skin crawl as Liam McPoyle in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) seems to hold the big cards.

A new crop of powerful women is adding some superb storylines that include beer pong, Soviet-American kisses and playing hardball to get the VP nod. I miss the characters of Zoe and Peter – they were human, real, ultimately were manipulated and killed, and the show needs more of them.

Technology is a constant, and I love the texts that are constantly popping-up and interrupting key moments. It’s a credible slice of life and adds to the authenticity of the show. Apple products are well placed throughout, which shouldn't be a surprise for one of the world's best marketed and legitimate lifestyle brands.

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In every episode, House of Cards remains true to its brand. The characters own their roles; if Frank were depicted as anything other than the supreme conniving, disingenuous bastard that he is, the show would fail. Consistency with your brand equates to success, and diluting your brand is a dangerous game. Don’t wait for Frank and Claire to roll-over with their legs in the air – that’s not their brand. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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