Like Spring, Trump Comes In Like A Lion, Leaves Like A Lamb

Most Americans say Donald Trump shouldn’t be president. Democrats say he can’t be president.

I say he doesn’t want to be president.

The reason is simple: he can’t afford to lose and his brand will not suffer a loss. The businessman-turned-candidate is all about his brand. As of today, 7.15mm followers hang on every Tweet (, knowing the chances are good that Trump will attack or threaten another candidate. It’s dark entertainment, and some of the Tweets are definitely smirk-worthy—not necessarily awe-inspiring but funny. He swipes, he attacks, and he pushes his brand with #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, #Trump2016, #VoteTrump. Like him or not, Trump is killing the other candidates (on either side) with his savvy for social media.

However, no amount of Tweets, Instagrams and Facebook posts will resurrect his brand if there is a Trump loss. A failed presidency and the brand is tarnished forever. #Win, gold trim everywhere and tall towers are the epitome of lipstick on a pig in the event he takes office. The utter lack of specificity we’ve categorically come to accept from him will be reflected at the traditional 100-day measure, and the results will not be kind.  Four years later, and the Trump brand will have suffered permanent damage. He will have necessarily ceded oversight of his business empire to others and will emerge from the White House battered, with the legacy of failed policy. And he knows it.

Late April/early May, I predict Trump withdraws his candidacy. It will be a quick moment, and will be absent the detail we’ve come to expect throughout his campaign. Health? Family? 4th wife?  Whatever the reason, the alternative to the future success of his true passion (and meal ticket), his empire, is too dire to ignore. His brand can’t afford to lose. And he is far too smart to take that chance. The run-up has been a turbo-boost for the Trump brand, and the benefits will be leveraged indefinitely.

Trump the Candidate wins. And that is among the best brand marketing of all time.

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