Webcasting: More Than a Sales Tool

When most people think of webcasts, they think of product sales pitches.  Virtual commercials that companies are using to sell and up-sell product.  And, they’re not wrong: many companies do focus their webcast productions on products and services with the ultimate goal of filling their sales pipeline.
But there is a world of opportunity beyond this approach.  Why not use webcasts as a tool for training?  Sharing new corporate information with your employees?  Providing a virtual toolkit or handbook for new customers? 

The possibilities are endless.  Take, as an example, a company with a dispersed sales team.  By recording a webcast sharing a new corporate message or sales presentation, team members can review the new information at their convenience and, since it’s available on-demand, new hires can be brought up to speed with a minimal amount of handholding.  Better yet, your content is available as a reference resource 24/7, whenever and wherever they may need it. 

In today’s digital age, where everything is available at the click of a button, webcasts offer a way to capture your communications and share them with a broad community of users.  Beyond just a sales tool, webcasts can share product information, corporate communications, guidelines and instructions… the sky is the limit.

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