Anyone can create a digital ad, but not every company can take over the side of an entire building.

When they do, it sends a strong signal to consumers: we’re the real deal. 

People driving down the highway who see a McDonald’s billboard aren’t going to suddenly cut across four lanes of traffic to buy a quarter pounder with cheese, but the next time they’re hungry, they might consider buying one. (And maybe some nuggets, too.)

We’re strong advocates for billboards for clients with certain campaign objectives.

They help brands stand out in a crowded digital market and offer legitimacy.

Asking “What’s the ROI of a billboard?” is the wrong question.

That’s sales. Let’s talk branding instead.

Branding is...

  • Making future sales easier
  • Staying top of mind
  • Building trust
  • Gaining awareness (visibility)
  • Creating an emotional connection
  • Storytelling
  • Big-picture thinking

For this, we don’t measure ROI.

Not everything valuable can be quantified, and even measurable data can be inaccurate.

Consider this: people generally buy products and services from companies they know and trust. To become a company that people know and trust, you must first be visible.

Billboards should be considered as an element of a comprehensive multi-channel strategy.