If you haven’t already seen “Rocketman” directed by Dexter Fletcher — add it to your must-see movie list. In addition to being an ode to Elton John’s breakthrough years, the film also doubles as a 300-level course in marketing strategy. 

Concerts, records, and visibility are the business side of the story. The music, personality, and showmanship are what sells the Elton John brand. It’s the perfect balance of the disciplines that marketers must master to succeed. 

We Take Lead as Marketing Strategy Innovators 

Marketers spend their lives with open eyes and open minds. Observing, studying, and seeking new opportunities are what make up the business side of our story. We’re not quick to jump on new, shiny objects simply because they have buzz. We explore the opportunity and rely on experience when we evaluate tactics that will best serve a brand story and marketing strategy. 

The efficacy of the tactics we implement to deliver the highest revenue return is nearly always the bellwether by which we are measured. As a result, we grab the mic and create a marketing strategy not by shine-factor, but by its ability to drive brand interest and ultimately, transactions. 

Our Design Articulates Our Strategy  

The other half of a strong marketing strategy is creative. Brand architecture matters. Voice and words are critical. But visual treatments? Those tie marketing programs together. The process of creating smart designs is founded in business objectives, which provides the spark. Talented designers and art directors nurture that spark until a creative inferno takes over, resulting in new ideas that set brands apart from their competitors. When you see an idea that clicks, you know it’s right on the money. 


Some of the best lessons come from rock-and-roll. 

“Rocketman” teaches us not to lose focus. Eliminate the noise that dilutes smart thinking and great design. You’ll find that you achieve the most value when experienced talent is driving your brand.