April 13, 2023

3 Reasons to Add a Small Agency to Your Short List

Businesses of all sizes can find the perfect fit in a small agency partner. Whether you’re a small to mid-sized business that needs a website redesign or a large business with a specialty project your AOR isn’t the right fit for, a small agency deserves the chance to compete for the work.  

Here are three reasons you should add a small agency to your agency short list: 

We are lean (for real)

Have you ever been in a meeting with an agency, and there is one (or more) person staring into their laptops or phones not saying a word? Here is a fun game: think about how much you are paying for that person to work on something that is not your business. It is a bummer.  

At King Fish, we are all thinkers, doers, and collaborators and contribute significantly to our projects. If we are at the table, we bring value. We do not do hierarchy. We accomplish more with less. That means your budget, time, energy, and resources go much, much further with us than with an agency with a deep roster.  

Our network is your competitive advantage

Small agencies might have a handful of full-time employees, but they can tap into a wide network of talented contractors and experienced subject matter experts to build a customized project team for each client when needed. Big agencies staff excellent creative talent, but they often lack the subject matter expertise that is critical for marketing to B2B consumers or doing the deep-thinking work required of regulatory clients in the finance, healthcare, and technology industries.  

At KingFish, we utilize our network to staff projects with the copywriters, user experience designers, and developers most qualified to deliver the best possible work for you. They are masters of their skill and understand (and often live) your business. It is a winning combination.  

We are in it for the work, not the perks

Big agencies can have their big-city surroundings, kegs, pool tables, video games, snack drawers, and open bar black-tie holiday parties. Sure, we enjoy our deck beers and concert outings — but what encourages us to come to work every morning is the impact we have on our clients’ businesses. That’s the true reward, and it shines through in how we collaborate with each other and our clients. You’ll feel the difference. 

Speaking of the work, check out our case studies for a look inside some of our favorite projects and keep us in mind the next time you are in the market for an agency. 

April 10, 2023

The Creative Process: Start With Discovery

Marketing is one of the most cluttered industries in the working world. There are thousands of companies calling on agencies every day to help sell their products and services through effective deliverables and measurable results. Over the years, KingFish has carefully crafted a five-step approach that yield just that: 

1.     Discover

2.     Strategize

3.     Create

4.     Launch

5.     Measure


One core element to the KingFish process is the first, also known as the discovery phase. It’s the foundation of our entire approach and is the point we uncover the insights that drive a company, its mission, and its marketing objectives. Along the way, this exchange often identifies holes a client did not know they had in their business and marketing strategies.  

Passion drives inspiration

When you ask someone what they love about their role, their eyes light up inevitably. There is a reason behind why people do what they do, and we see this passion come alive during the discovery phase. We see this excitement from our clients during our early conversations that shape the concepts and content that will be created throughout their campaign. Our clients’ passion sparks our inspiration. 


Knowledge fuels creativity

When we speak with clients, we want to know what makes them tick. What colors motivate them? What words would they use to describe their employees? Our creativity is fueled by each nuance of their business. 


There’s strength in diverse perspectives

A client’s perspective and knowledge of their company runs deep. When paired with our marketing expertise and unique insights — we can shine a new light on workable solutions to each marketing challenge. 

What is the bottom line? When you take the time to understand the passion that drives individuals and businesses, your purpose, and direction becomes that much clearer. 

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