King Fish Media is an insider.
And, an outsider.

After 16 years, we understand how content marketing and storytelling works.
And we’ve developed a content planning approach that’s more interesting,
impactful, and reinvigorates the digital marketing programs you’re used to.

“You can do better than what you’re doing, and we can show you how”
is our story.

We want to help you provoke and pique curiosity in the marketplace.

Our goal is to help you uncover what may be holding you back, and give you a
vision of how different things could be. This approach is more effective for our clients.

Learn more about our team and what we do.

Meet Our Team

The King Fish Manifesto

We believe that before you ask people to “click here,” you should try helping them. Let them play with and absorb your brand by giving them content they care about and a good user experience.

We believe that people are tired of being interrupted and stalked by brand marketing. At the same time, they crave content that is created specifically for them.

We believe that nothing has changed about what makes a good story. But nearly everything has changed about how that story is experienced across media channels, preferred devices and within social media. 

We believe that it’s always about your goals. Tell us what’s broken and what’s needed.  We will help you fix it.

We believe that when you Own Your Media Channel™, your content ceases to be an interruption and instead becomes a valued destination.